„The Garden of Eden“ – that’s is how the first sailors named the group of islands northeast of Africa, when they mapped the Seychelles to the Western world years ago.

The 42 granite and 73 coral islands have endless beaches and diving spots. But on larger scale maps the Islands can be seen only as tiny bumps in the Indian Ocean. For the seafaring nations the Seychelles were initially uninteresting, a stroke of luck, as the Seychelles were spared of colonial exploitation.

Today, only little has changed because most of the 115 Seychelles islands are uninhabited. 90 percent of the 90,000 Seychellois live on the Islands: La Digue, Silhouette, Praslin and the largest island of the Seychelles – Mahé.
All of them belong to the so-called „Seychelles Inner Islands“ that extend along with the „Seychelles Outer Islands“ .

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