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The Island of SILHOUETTE



Sihouette is the third largest island in size in Seychelles, lying 20 km northwest of Mahé. It has an area of approx. 20 km² and has a about 200 inhabitants – mostly workers. The island’s highest peak is Mont Dauban at 740 metres above sea level, followed by Mont-Pot-a-Eau at 621 metres above sea level and the lowest peak being Mont Cocos Marrons at only 500 metres above sea level. The 5 large peaks give Silhouette Island some of the most dramatic viewpoints in the Seychelles. This huge island has only 2 beaches suitable for swimming: Anse La Passe ( long narrow beach bordering Hilton Labriz Resort) and Anse Lascar (on the east side of the island).

The island was owned by the Dauban family from the mid 19th century until 1960...

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