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Seychelles National Botanical Gardens

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Eden Plaza

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Restaurants on Mahé


In the Seychelles you will find a big choice of Restaurants serving fish and creole Cuisine.


  • La Scala

  • Kaz Kreol

  • Konoba

  • The Boathouse

  • Opera

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Nightlife in the Seychelles

Entrance in bars and nightclubs is strictly restricted to 18 years, no ID = no entrance.
Most nightclubs open their doors at 22:30 and run up to 03:00 to 04:30 in the morning, depending on the ambiance and day. Most of the locals are coming to the club later on from 01:00 am. Some nightclubs have some special offers on tickets, e.g. free entrance for ladies on Wednesdays in Katiolo or cheaper entry for gents, who come before midnight. Every weekend  there are different themes and offers at the clubs, eg. each group of minimum 5 girls can get a free bottle of champagne, or enter for free before midnight or can even get free vodka shots. Often you will hear local artists featuring the DJ...

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