Currency and Prices in the Seychelles


What to know about Money in the Seychelles?

Before taking off to the Seychelles, it is helpful to understand the local policies. In general mostly all Resorts and Hotels accept foreign currency and do offer money exchanging services. Smaller establishments like Guesthouses mostly prefer to get paid in Rupees, yet they accept Euros, USD and British Pounds, too. If your booking confirmation was done in a certain currency, it is better to stick to this currency for paying your accommodation. In regards to shopping and payments for several activities, like restaurants oder water sports, it is recommended to pay in the local currency (Seychelles Rupees, SCR). The best exchange rates can be found at Money Changers in Victoria. You can withdraw SCR from the ATMs all over the Island using your credit card. The exchange rates at the ATMs are quite fair, especially compared to the poor rates you’ll get changing forex at the hotel’s reception.

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